VIDEO: McConnell on His Relationship With Obama


Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell sits down with WSJ's Jerry Seib to discuss his relationship with President Obama, the midterm elections and tax reform. … [Read more...]

‘SNL’ Recap: Cameron Diaz Episode Weighs in on Bill Cosby Scandal


By Ryan Gajewski Cameron Diaz hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend for the fourth time, and the episode allowed her to rap, wear lingerie and channel her Annie character. But was this a hard-knocked episode? Keep reading to find out. read more  Source:: 'SNL' Recap: Cameron Diaz … [Read more...]

Ginuwine Clears The Air On Rumors


By jkennedy In the book of finances, Ginuwine is reportedly approaching the dreaded Chapter 11. According to the R&B singer's lawyer, he's “very close to declaring bankruptcy.” The revelation comes in the midst of a legal battle between Ginuwine and Robert Reives, who executive produced … [Read more...]

How Should the President Approach Immigration? [VIDEO]

Sara Ramirez

How should President Obama tackle immigration reform now that the GOP will control Congress? David Axelrod, founder of the Institute of Politics at the University of Chicago discusses. … [Read more...]

VIDEO: U.S. to Send More Troops to Iraq


President Obama authorized the deployment of up to 1,500 additional troops to Iraq and is asking Congress for $5.6 billion to fight Islamic State militants. Jerry Seib joins the News Hub. Photo: Getty. … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Hollywood Star Calls Obama ‘Most Racist President Ever’


Hollywood Star Calls Obama 'Most Racist President Ever' … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Midterm Elections: What Is Next for the GOP?


The big question following the Republican sweep of the midterm elections is: What comes next? Sen. Jerry Moran (R., Kansas) joins the News Hub. Photo: AP. … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Young Voters Frustrated With D.C. Gridlock


Rock the Vote President Ashley Spillane discusses the difficulty of drawing young voters to the polls. Photo: Rock the Vote. … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Why You Should Care More About Midterm Elections – TestTube Daily Show


This midterm election may seem insignificant, but there are major ballot issues that could have a much larger impact on your daily life than national races. If you want a say in minimum wage, drug legalization, education, or health care, among others, now's the time to get informed and vote. Here's … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Paul Simon: You Can Call Me Al


Paul Simon is one of the most successful and respected songwriters of the second half of the 20th century. Here's his music video for "You Can Call Me Al". … [Read more...]