Irving Azoff Says That YouTube Lacks Licensing Rights to 20,000 Songs


By Eriq Gardner The industry heavyweight, representing Pharrell Williams and others, believes that YouTube hasn't made all necessary deals for its new subscription service and is prepared to take his clients off of the YouTube ecosystem Many works composed by popular musicians includingThe … [Read more...]

Album Sales Takes an Historic Dive, Fall Below Four Million Total Units Sold

Vinyl Revival

Digitally, the industry struggles, while the streaming sites chip away at sales. By Daniel Kreps Rolling Stone reports: The record industry has just had its worst week in decades. For the first time since Nielsen SoundScan began keeping track in 1991, album sales failed to reach the … [Read more...]

Basheer Jones Advice on How to Interact with Police


With the national climate enraged over Michael Brown,  an unarmed African American teen, murdered in the street by Ferguson, Mo. police officer Darren Wilson and these type of tragic injustices on the rise across the country, citizens are scared of what's next? What do I do if provoked & face … [Read more...]

The Story Behind the ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge”


Social Media, the recent home of all kinds of challenges, the "Cinnamon Challenge" , "Gospel Challenge" and the stupidest of all, the "Fire Challenge". When I think of challenge I think of difficult, daring or to engage in competition and by now most of us have heard of or done the ALS "Ice Bucket … [Read more...]

Cornelio Austin Debut “Everyday Valentine”


Hollywood, Ca. in the late 90's, I was introduced to a young talented musician, he came by my studio which at the time was right across the street from Capitol Records, he sat down & started playing the keys, I could instantly see his raw uncut potential, we began working out in the Lab aka … [Read more...]

Kindred the Family Soul featuring Valerie Simpson


Husband and wife duo, Kindred the Family Soul, released their new album A Couple Friends this past June. Now, the inspirational singers have released a music video for the albums title track, and united with iconic singer-songwriter Valerie Simpson for the visual. Often compared to Ashford & … [Read more...]

Fayola Timberlake – Pull The Plug Voted #1 Indie R&B Video


With well over 500 votes this rising independent star is on her way to great international career. Fayola Timberlake Born and raised only a stone's throw from London's pulsating music scene in Camden. Fayola Timberlake, a singer-songwriter with a distinctive ear for potent melodies and lyrics, … [Read more...]

El Padrino “Duffles” #1 Voted Hip Hop Indie Video

Padrino_edited_image_2 (2)

El Padrino video "Duffles" off the Duffles Mixtape took the # 1  Hip Hop video spot this week. From Nassau, Bahamas, artist El Padrino is a proud native who is not afraid to talk reality about himself or his country. El Padrino's next album, R.N.I.P. is set to release this year. His style of … [Read more...]

VOW 2013 week#1 – Hip Hop

Vote for your favorite Indie Hip-Hop video of the week. You can vote 1 time every 2 hours. [tubepress mode="playlist" playlistValue="PLpiPaqPrPtNLFN_bcRYNZpt72gHl26-3n"] LAST WEEK'S WINNER! … [Read more...]

VOW 2013 week #1 – Jazz

Vote for your favorite Indie R&B video of the week. You can vote 1 time every 2 hours. [tubepress mode="playlist" playlistValue="PLpiPaqPrPtNI8UVd0YxRw6zEjnCFu8F0N"]   … [Read more...]