VIDEO: McConnell on His Relationship With Obama


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VIDEO: Obama’s immigration plan, by the numbers


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VIDEO: Late-night laughs: Happy birthday, Mr. President (Putin)


Russian President Vladimir Putin turned 62 this week -- and late-night comics couldn't resist throwing a few birthday jabs his way. From Jimmy Kimmel to Seth Meyers, here's a roundup of some of their best birthday greetings, to Russia, with laughs. … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Colbert punches his ‘Mideast Frequent Bombing Card’


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VIDEO: People in Chicken Suits Flock to Politicians


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VIDEO: All of these Democrats are not Barack Obama


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VIDEO: Retiring Sen. Tom Harkin: ‘The Democratic Party is much more liberal’


Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, is retiring after 40 years in elective office. He sat down with The Washington Post's Dan Balz and Philip Rucker to share his thoughts on how the party has changed, and where he fits in its new philosophy. … [Read more...]

US House of Reps Votes No to Reauthorise Domestic Violence Bill


The Violence Against Women Act (Vawa) passes Senate but House Republicans take issue with new provisions that add protections for undocumented immigrants so (Vawa) is not renewed. The bill would extend funding for domestic violence programs has failed to be reauthorised for the first time since … [Read more...]

FISA Passes: Warrantless Wiretapping


Friday morning the Senate passed the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) by a vote of 73-23 and will send it to President Obama's desk for signature. FISA allows the government to tap any conversation involving U.S. citizens without previously obtaining a warrant, as long as officials … [Read more...]